221b baker street tumblr

221b baker street tumblr

He's like a cat>>>>Yes but a very annoying cat. Make all the Jawns go "For God's sake Sherlock! Get off me!". this is b Baker Street. the official residence of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson #BELIEVEINSHERLOCK SHERLOCK'S SCARF { wear } cumberbitches. So I have been real slow at replying to messages, making posts etc. because of hospital stuff - I am out of hospital hoorah! Just check ups and. 221b baker street tumblr

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Sherlock sherlock holmes john watson b baker st BBC Sherlock benedict cumberbatch Cumberbatch martin freeman. Want to see more posts tagged b baker st? Sherlock Holmes Sherlock johnlock bbc sherlock The Great Game john watson martin freeman queue textsfr0mbakerstreet twitter. Sherlock desperately wanted a During with John, and sometimes he thought maybe John wanted it too. You had never seen him love anyone other than John and himself. He would use the bathroom, put on his pajamas, and just…get into the bed. The Sherlock fandom fakes its death xD. Funny Life Number 5 Sherlock Quotes Sherlock Holmes Geek Things On Tumblr Crime Geek Stuff Supernatural Forward. He was afraid of going back mma the room and he was afraid of staying away; he was afraid of John finding out and afraid of holding this secret close to his chest forever. Your silence worried Sherlock he watched as the thoughts ran through your head and he dropped his hand from your face.


221b Baker Street Time-lapse - Sherlock